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A. Maspoli Replica Telescope with Box

A. Maspoli Replica Telescope with Box

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A historically significant, luxury replica

Made of high quality brass and leather, this telescope is a replica of a British Royal Navy telescope from 1915 signed by French Olympian and Sculptor Alexandre Maspoli. With approximately 15x magnification and a high quality build, this is a premium telescope that is both functional and sophisticated.

Artisan made and crafted by hand. Made unique by its blemishes and imperfections. Perfect as a gift, souvenir or as home décor.  

Please note: To focus the telescope you will need to extend the telescope fully, then slowly push the first section into focus. 


Weight: 1515 grams approx (with case)


Dimensions Length: 63 cm when open, 22 cm when closed.


Ships from Melbourne, Australia. 


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