A Maspoli telescope
A Maspoli telescope brass leather with box
A Maspoli brass leather telescope

A Maspoli heavy brass leather telescope with box

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A  Maspoli heavy brass leather telescope with box

  • A Maspoli Brass Leather Telescope is a beautiful telescope that magnifies around 15 times and the lens is extremely clear. It's a premium gift for that special occasion like a birthday or father's day gift. 

  • Weight = 1515 grams approx with box.

  • Length = 63 cm when open, 22 cm when closed.

  • This retro antique/vintage replica nautical brass telescope ships from Melbourne, Australia.
  • Product is made by artisans using hand tools and may have blemishes and imperfections that also make these products look so beautiful.

How to use a brass telescope -

  1. Extend the telescope fully.

  2. As you look through the eyepiece, you would just see some blurry light.

  3. Try to look far.

  4. Focus by pushing in the first section till the blurry light focuses into a crisp image. The first section is the section closest to your eye.