Our Nautical telescopes give a real vintage feel and are perfect gifts for anyone. Men use them as adventure telescopes or spy telescopes, children use them like pirate telescopes and for women they are decorative pieces to decorate their homes.

We have been selling nautical telescopes - brass telescopes, leather telescopes and telescopes on tripod at the Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia since 2011. We have sold thousands of telescopes over the years to local Australians and tourists who buy these beautiful pieces and take them back to their own countries to gift them to their loved ones. Our brass telescopes are inexpensive but good quality as we believe in offering good value to our customers.

How to focus a brass telescope -

1) Pull the telescope fully.
2) Slowly push in the first barrel till the object becomes clear. This is when the telescope's focal length is reached. 
3) Look far and enjoy the view.