Collection: Brass Telescopes

Once used by explorers, pirates and adventurers, telescopes come in all shapes and sizes. The telescopes we sell look so authentic and old that you will be amazed. We have been selling these lovely articles since past two decades and at the Queen Victoria Market since 2011 and have had thousands of satisfied customers. Being a tourist market, our brass telescopes have travelled all over the globe and put a smile on thousands of people.

Brass telescopes like the other nautical articles are lovely little things that can be beautiful gifts and lovely décor articles. Some brass telescopes have leather stitched on them that make them irresistible. And make them sit on a nice wooden box and there you have the one of the best gifts possible for a dad or a friend or maybe your brother.

How to focus a brass telescope –

  • First extend the telescope fully. Most of the telescopes we sell have 3 sections to be pulled out. Completely! (Please note the focus is in the length of the telescope)
  • Next find some far away object that you want to see. Maybe a tiny bird sitting on a roof or a ship somewhere in the sea.
  • Then gradually push the first section very slowly till the blurry image becomes clear.
  • Then enjoy the view.

Uses – As a décor item to decorate your mantle piece or desk or to give that vintage touch to your home. Can be used outdoors for bird watching, nautical viewing, enjoying the nature. They are perfect for your office décor or to gift your dad to use on his sailboat. Perfect for costume parties or kid’s pirate parties.

Gift – Can be gifted on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or as a Christmas gift, Wedding gift, Anniversary gift, Thanksgiving gift, Easter, Graduation gift or simply as a birthday gift.

Care – If taken decent care, these telescopes can last a lifetime. They are made of solid brass which does not corrode and stays beautiful always. Simply try not to drop them as that can dent the telescopes.


Please browse the range below and do let us know how we could improve.