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King Edward VII 1841 Dedicated Brass Telescope

King Edward VII 1841 Dedicated Brass Telescope

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Dedicated to King Edward VII

This telescope is a heavy duty, vintage, brass telescope fit for a king. Weighing over 1kg, this telescope is of the finest quality, with 15x magnification and a stunningly clear lens. Comes with a premium leather case.

Artisan made and crafted by hand. Made unique by its blemishes and imperfections. Perfect as a gift, souvenir or as home décor.  

Please note: To focus the telescope you will need to extend the telescope fully, then slowly push the first section into focus. 


Weight: 1020 grams approx. (with case)



Length: 60cm (open), 20cm (closed)


Ships from Melbourne, Australia.


How To Use a Brass Telescope 

  1. Extend the telescope fully.

  2. As you look through the eyepiece, you will just see some blurry light.

  3. Try to look into the distance

  4. Focus by pushing in the first section till the blurry light focuses into a crisp image. The first section is the section closest to your eye.

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