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The Humble Pirate’s Telescope ANTIQUE Brass Metal (With BOX)

The Humble Pirate’s Telescope ANTIQUE Brass Metal (With BOX)

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  • The Humble Pirate's Telescope - Antique Brass Metal with wooden box.
  • This beautiful 1920 brass telescope replica magnifies around 10 times.
  • Beautiful luxury gift.
  • Weight = 365 grams approx. 620 grams approx. with box.
    Length = 38 cm when open, 13.5 cm when closed.
    Magnification - approximately 10 times.

  • Product is made by artisans using hand tools and may have blemishes and imperfections that also make these products look so beautiful.
  • Gifting - Perfect as a Christmas gift, Easter gift, anniversary gift, graduation gift, Father's Day gift, Mother's Day gift, wedding gift, corporate gift, thanksgiving gift or simply as a birthday gift.
  • Outdoors - It's also useful outdoors when hiking or trekking, for bird watching, sightseeing, outdoor travel, role playing or simply enjoying nature closely.
  • As a décor item to decorate your mantel piece or desk or to give that vintage touch to your home.
  • Care - If decent care is taken, these telescopes can last a lifetime. They are made of solid brass which does not corrode and stays beautiful always. Simply try not to drop them as that can dent the telescopes.
  • This is an authentic Dollond London brand item.

      How to focus a brass telescope –

  • First extend the telescope fully. Most of the telescopes we sell have 3 sections to be pulled out. Completely! (Please note the focus is on the length of the telescope)
  • Next find some far away object that you want to see. Maybe a tiny bird sitting on a roof or a ship somewhere in the sea.
  • Then gradually push the first section very slowly till the blurry image becomes clear.
  • Enjoy the view! 



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