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Victoria London pocket watch with wooden box

Victoria London pocket watch with wooden box

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Vintage-Inspired Timekeeping Elegance: Embrace the allure of a bygone era with this meticulously crafted pocket watch nestled within a beautifully polished wooden box. A true testament to vintage charm, this timepiece captures the essence of antique retro aesthetics while boasting contemporary reliability.

Exuding timeless elegance, the watch features a gleaming metallic exterior that resonates with the sophistication of eras past. Its face, adorned with finely etched numerals, evokes a sense of nostalgia, merging classic appeal with enduring grace.

Presented in a bespoke wooden box, handcrafted from the finest timber, this ensemble encapsulates the epitome of vintage-looking sophistication. The box's rich grain and smooth finish complement the watch's style, offering both protection and presentation in equal measure.

This exquisite pocket watch, exuding vintage allure, is the perfect gift - a symbol of timeless elegance and a treasured heirloom in the making. A harmonious blend of antique aesthetics and modern-day functionality, it beckons admiration and appreciation for the finer things in life.

Weight = 80 grams (watch), 120 grams (box) = 200 grams (total)

Dimensions of box - 8 cm x 8 cm x 4 cm.
Diameter of watch - 5 cm. 

  • Product is made by artisans using hand tools and may have blemishes and imperfections that also make these products look so beautiful.
  • Gifting - Perfect as a Christmas gift, Easter gift, anniversary gift, graduation gift, Father's Day gift, Mother's Day gift, wedding gift, corporate gift, thanksgiving gift or simply as a birthday gift.
  • Please Note - To change the time, gently lift the watch crown. Too much force can damage the watch.
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